Fast Food Nation

Armstrong jill hollingsworth and j glenn morris jr

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Unformatted text preview: $23,000 is fair. Interview with Ernie Goss. like giving his employees a 7 percent raise…“The move shows you how ungrateful”: Quoted in John Taylor, “IBP’s Move Prompts Look at Tax Policy,” Omaha World-Herald, June 13, 1996. a $300,000 loan: See Kenneth B. Noble, “Signs of Violence in Meat Plant’s Lockout,” New York Times, January 18, 1987. 165 the highest crime rate in the state of Nebraska: See Robert A. Hackenberg, David Griffith, Donald Stull, and Lourdes Gouveia, “Creating a Disposable Labor Force,” Aspen Institute Quarterly 5, no. 2 (Spring 1993), p. 92. the number of serious crimes doubled: Cited in “Changes in Nebraska’s and Iowa’s Counties with Large Meatpacking Plant Workforces,” GAO Report, p. 39. the number of Medicaid cases nearly doubled: Ibid., p. 36. a major distribution center for illegal drugs; gang members appeared in town: See Richard A. Serrano, “Mexican Drug Cartels Target U.S. Heartland: Officials Say Illegal Immigrants are Using Interstates as Pipeline to Bring Cocaine, Meth-amphetamines to Midwest and Rocky Mountain Areas Where Abuse Is Burgeoning,” Los Angeles Times, December 10, 1997; Jennifer Dukes Lee, “Meatpacking Towns Seen As Key Funnel for Meth,” Des...
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