Fast Food Nation

As for the food now served at school cafeterias it

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Unformatted text preview: GNC Packing, a small, independent processor in Colorado Springs. The buns come from a bakery in Pueblo. Two hundred pounds of potatoes are peeled every morning in the kitchen and then sliced with an old crank-operated contraption. The burgers and fries are made to order by cooks who earn $10 an hour. They wear baseball caps that say “Conway’s Red Top: One’s a Meal.” The workers are not told what to do by fancy computer software, there’s take-out but no drive-through, and the food is only slightly more expensive than what’s served in the half-empty Wendy’s across the street. One day I met a customer at Conway’s who has regularly been having lunch there for fifty years. The Conway family is now debating how to expand the business without compromising the values responsible for its success. Opening new restaurants could provide financial opportunities for the dozens of Conway offspring, but could also involve a good deal of risk. The timing may be right, however, for a few more Red Tops to open. As the rest of Colorado grows more bland and homogenous, Colo...
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