Fast Food Nation

At a college reunion in colorado springs an old

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Unformatted text preview: riott. Subdivisions are creeping south from Colorado Springs along 1–25, turning cattle ranches into street after street of ranch-style homes. Pueblo has not boomed yet; it seems ready, right on the verge, about to become more like the rest. The Little Caesars where Kabong works is in the Belmont section of town, across the street from a Dunkin’ Donuts, not far from the University of Southern Colorado campus. The small square building the Little Caesars occupies used to house a Godfather’s Pizza and before that, a Dairy Bar. The restaurant has half a dozen brown Formica tables, red brick walls, a gumball machine near the counter, white-andbrown flecked linoleum floors. The place is clean but has not been redecorated for a while. The customers who drop by or call for pizza are college students, ordinary working people, people with large families, and the poor. Little Caesars pizzas are big and inexpensive, often providing enough food for more than one meal. Five crew members work in the kitchen, putting t...
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