Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: ector of Entrepreneur magazine (which annually publishes the “Franchise 500: Best Franchises to Start Now!”) gave me a much brighter view of the industry. Peter Lowe took time from his hectic schedule to discuss success. In addition to Dave Feamster, I interviewed a number of other fast food franchisees who shall remain unnamed. I am grateful to Feamster not only for giving me free rein at his restaurant, but also for allowing me to spend an evening delivering Little Caesars pizzas in Pueblo. Page 94 “Instead of the company paying the salesmen”: Luxenberg, Roadside Empires, p. 13. 95 often earned more money than the company’s founder: See Emerson, Economics of Fast Food, p. 59; Love, Behind the Arches, pp. 171– 75. “common sense”: Kroc, Grinding It Out, p. 111. “any unusual aptitude or intellect”: Ibid., p. 111. 96 “We are not basically in the food business”: Quoted in Love, Behind the Arches, p. 199. See also Kroc, Grinding It Out, p. 109. more than $180 million a year: By 1998, the year of Richard McDonald’s death,...
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