Fast Food Nation

Bob bauer executive director of the national

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Unformatted text preview: rickson, “Stores Learn to Inconvenience Robbers: 7–Eleven Shares Many of Its Robbery Deterrence Strategies,” Security Management, November 1998. 84 about two-thirds of the robberies at fast food restaurants: Cited in Grossman, “Easy Marks”; and Lydon, “Prime Crime Targets.” about half of all restaurant workers: Cited in Ed Rubinstein, “High-Tech Systems Look to Head Off Restaurant Shrinkage,” Nation’s Restaurant News, January 11, 1999. The typical employee stole about $218: Cited in “NCS Reports Employee Theft Doubled in Restaurant/Fast Food Industry,” press release, NCS and National Food Service Security Council, July 9, 1999. “It may be common sense”: Interview with Jerald Greenberg. OSHA was prompted: See Ralph Vartabedian, “Big Business, Big Bucks: The Rising Tide of Corporate Political Donations,” Los Angeles Times, September 23, 1997; Joan Oleck, “Who’s Afraid of OSHA?” Restaurant Business, February 10, 1995. 84 OSHA recommended: See “Recommen...
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