Fast Food Nation

But workers drive him back to join the rest the

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Unformatted text preview: ghterhouse itself, the IBP vice president said, would be “no different than that which you produce in your kitchen when you cook.” 8/ the most dangerous job Ocattle enter it every day, single file, and leaveinin a High Plains. TheSomeone who hasisaccessoftothe nation’swho’s upset byfiveworking head NE NIGHT I VISIT a slaughterhouse somewhere the slaughterhouse one largest. About thousand of different form. the plant, its conditions, offers to give me a tour. The slaughterhouse is an immense building, gray and square, about three stories high, with no windows on the front and no architectural clues to what’s happening inside. My friend gives me a chain-mail apron and gloves, suggesting I try them on. Workers on the line wear about eight pounds of chain mail beneath their white coats, shiny steel armor that covers their hands, wrists, stomach, and back. The chain mail’s designed to protect workers from cutting themselves and from being cut by other workers. But knives somehow manage to get past it. My h...
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