Fast Food Nation

C national academy press 1988 206 who knows what

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Unformatted text preview: u”…“I know very well that you know”: Quoted in Drew, “Regulators Slow Down.” “to understate injuries, to falsify records”: “Here’s the Beef,” p. 21. 180 every injury and illness at the slaughterhouse: Ibid., pp. 3, 14. the first log recorded 1,800 injuries… The OSHA log: Ibid., p. 14. denied under oath: Ibid., p. 15. See also Philip Shabecoff, “OSHA Seeks $2.59 Million Fine for Meatpacker’s Injury Reports,” New York Times, July 22, 1987. “the best of the best”: Quoted in “Here’s the Beef,” p. 9. as much as one-third higher: Ibid., p. 9. investigators also discovered: Ibid., p. 21. Another leading meatpacking company: Ibid., pp. 21–22. “serious injuries such as fractures”: Ibid., p. 8. 180 “one of the most irresponsible and reckless”: Quoted in Donald Woutat, “Meat-packer IBP Fined $3.1 Million in Safety Action; Health Problem Disabled More than 600, OSHA Says,” Los Angeles Times, May 12, 1988. “the worst example of underreporting”:...
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