Fast Food Nation

C national academy press 1998 outlines the social

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Unformatted text preview: “Kid Kustomers”: Ibid., p. 4. “The key is getting children to see a firm”: Ibid., p. 98. learn about their tastes: For a sense of the techniques now being used by marketers, see Tom McGee, “Getting Inside Kids’ Heads,” American Demographics, January 1997. 45 roughly 80 percent of children’s dreams: Cited in Acuff, What Kids Buy and Why, pp. 45–46. “Marketing messages sent through a club”: McNeal, Kids As Customers, p. 175. increased the sales of children’s meals: Cited in Karen Benezra, “Keeping Burger King on a Roll,” Brandweek, January 15, 1996. a federal investigation of Web sites aimed at children: Cited in “Children’s Online Privacy Proposed Rule Issued by FTC,” press release, Federal Trade Commission, April 20, 1999. “the ultimate authority in everything”: Quoted in “Is Your Kid Caught Up in the Web?” Consumer Reports, May 1997. The site encouraged kids: See Matthew McAllester, “Life in Cyberspace: What’s McDonald’s Doing with Kids’ E-mail Responses?” Ne...
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