Fast Food Nation

C us government printing office 1988 p 12 160 roughly

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Unformatted text preview: Risk Seen in Saturated Fats Used in Fast Foods,” New York Times, November 15, 1985. 140 still derive much of their flavor from beef additives: The ingredients and fat profile of McNuggets can be found in “McDonald’s Nutrition Facts,” McDonald’s Corporation, 1997. “The impact of McNuggets”: Quoted in Smith, “Changing Tastes.” Twenty years ago, most chicken was sold whole: Industry and Trade Summary: Poultry, p. 21. In 1992 American consumption of chicken: Cited in Linder, “I Gave My Employer a Chicken That Had No Bone,” p. 53. Tyson now manufactures: Cited in Sheila Edmundson, “Real Home of the McNugget Is Tyson,” Memphis Business Journal, July 9, 1999. and sells chicken to ninety of the one hundred largest restaurant chains: Cited in Douglas McInnis, “Super Chicken,” Beef, February 2000. A Tyson chicken grower never owns: Interview with Larry Holder, executive director of the National Contract Poultry Growing Association. 141 Most growers must borrow: See Steven Bjerklie, “Dark Passage,” Meat & Poultry, (August 1994), as well as Dan Fesperman and Kate Shatzkin, “The Plucking of the American Chicken Farmer; From the Big Poultry Companies Comes a New Twist on Capitalism,” Baltimore Sun, February 28, 1999. A 1995 survey by Louisiana Tech: “Economic Returns for U.S. Broiler Producers,”...
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