Fast Food Nation

C united states department of agriculture 1998 and

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Unformatted text preview: ore Workers Are Being Asked to Work Overtime Without Pay,” U SA Today, April 22, 1998. the trait most valued: Reiter, Making Fast Food, p. 129. 76 A “flying squad” of experienced managers: See Love, Behind the Arches, pp. 394–95; Boas and Chain, Big Mac, pp. 94–112. amid a bitter organizing drive in San Francisco: For the events in San Francisco, see Boas and Chain, Big Mac, pp. 104–12 77 employed fifteen attorneys: Cited in Bill Tieleman, “Did Somebody Say McUnion? Not If They Want to Keep Their McJob,” National Post, March 29, 1999. “one of the most anti-union companies on the planet”: Quoted in Mike King, “Mc- Donald’s Workers Win the Union War But Lose Jobs,” Ottawa Citizen, March 3, 1998. a money-loser: See Mike King, “McDonald’s to Go,” Montreal Gazette, February 15, 1998. 77 about 300 to 1: Roughly three McDonald’s closed per year in Canada during the early 1990s, while about eighty new ones annually opened. Cited in King, “Mc-Donald’s to Go.” “Did somebody say McUnion?”: Tieleman, “McUni...
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