Fast Food Nation

Cattle prices had fallen to their lowest point in

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Unformatted text preview: ttee, the large meatpackers promptly stopped bidding on his cattle. “I couldn’t sell my cattle,” he said. “They’d drive right past my feed yard and buy cattle from a guy two hundred miles further away.” His business has recovered somewhat; ConAgra and Excel now bid on his cattle. The experience has turned him into an activist. He refuses to “make the transition to slavery quietly.” He has spoken at congressional hearings and has joined a dozen other cattlemen in a classaction lawsuit against IBP. The lawsuit claims that IBP has for many years violated the Packers and Stockyards Act through a wide variety of anticompetitive tactics. According to Callicrate, the suit will demonstrate that the company’s purported efficiency in production is really “an efficiency in stealing.” IBP denies the charges. “It makes no sense for us to do anything to hurt cattle producers,” a top IBP executive told a reporter, “when we depend upon them to supply our plants.” the threat of w...
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