Fast Food Nation

Cited in janet bingham schools get lower marks denver

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Unformatted text preview: nald’s Launches Second Animated Video in Series Starring Ronald McDonald,” press release, McDonald’s Corporation, January 21, 1999. Ball told the Hollywood Reporter: See T. L. Stanley, Hollywood Reporter, May 26, 1998. 49 Some industry observers thought Disney: See Thomas R. King, “Mickey May Be the Big Winner in Disney-McDonal’s Alliance,” Wall Street Journal, May 24, 1996. the McDonald’s Corporation had turned away offers: See Monci Jo Williams, “Mc-Donald’s Refuses to Plateau,” Fortune, November 12, 1984. “A lot of people can’t get used to the fact”: Quoted in James Bates, “You Want First-Run Features with Those Fries?” Newsday, May 11, 1997. 51 gaining it just $37,500 a year: Cited in Eric Dexheimer, “Class Warfare,” Denver Westword, February 6, 1997. For $12,000, a company got… Within a year, DeRose had nearly tripled: Ibid. 52 “Discover your own river of revenue”: Quoted in Molnar, “Sponsored Schools and Commercialized Classrooms,” p. 28. “if it weren’t for the acute need for funds”: Quoted in Brian McTaggart...
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