Fast Food Nation

Colorado springs now has the feel of a city whose

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Unformatted text preview: , and Darwin’s theory of evolution. The city became the headquarters for roughly sixty religious organizations, some of them large, some of them painfully obscure. Members and supporters of the International Bible Society, the Christian Booksellers Association, the World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Young Life, the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys, and World Christian Incorporated, among others, settled in Colorado Springs. Today there is not a single elected official in Colorado Springs — or in El Paso County, the surrounding jurisdiction — who’s a registered Democrat. Indeed, the Democratic Party did not even run a candidate for Congress there in 2000. The political changes that have lately swept through the city have also taken place, in a less extreme form, throughout the Rocky Mountain West. A generation ago, the region was one of the most liberal in the country. In 1972, all of the governors in the eight mountain states — Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, even Idaho and Utah — were Democrats. By 1998, all of the governors in these states were Republicans, as were threequarters of the U.S. senators. The region is now more...
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