Fast Food Nation

Congress should do all those things but it isnt

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Unformatted text preview: equately fund their education, instead of inviting advertisers into the schools. As for the food now served at school cafeterias, it should be safer to eat than what is sold at fast food restaurants, not less safe. The USDA should insist upon the highest possible food safety standards from every company that supplies ground beef to the school lunch program — or it should stop purchasing ground beef. American taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for food that might endanger their children. The USDA’s recent decision to perform E. coli 0157:H7 tests on the ground beef it buys for schools, though commendable, was made more than seven years after the Jack in the Box outbreak. It was made after countless children were needlessly sickened. The meatpacking industry’s ability to sell questionable meat, for years, to the federal agency responsible for ensuring safe food is just one more symptom of a much broader problem — of a government food safety system that is poorly structured, underfunded, and unable to detect most outbreaks of food poisoning. Federal officials and meatpacking executives often claim that the United States has the safe...
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