Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: ster, June 5, 1997, p. 30939. “mammalian-to-ruminant, with exceptions”: Quoted in ibid., p. 30968. 274 these industry groups rightly worried: See “FDA Public Forum,” pp. 36–9. a remarkable example of cooperation’: Quoted in Chuck Cannon, “Renderers Appear To Be Bearing Up Well to FDA’s Ban on Ruminant Protein in feed,” Meat Marketing & Technology, March 1998. “protected the beef industry”: Quoted in ibid. “verbatim”: Quoted in ibid. “the number of BSE cases there soon doubled”: Cited in “Developments in Mad-Cow History,” Wall Street Journal, March 1, 2001. the number of BSE cases increased fivefold: Cited in Geoff Winestock, “Tracking Spread of ‘Mad Cow’ in Europe Remains Random,” Wall Street Journal, January 8, 2001. that supplied ground beef to McDonald’s restaurants: See Melanie Goodfellow, “Italy’s First BSE Case Found in Cow Destined for McDonald’s,” The Independent, January 16, 2001, and “Final Tests Confirm BSE in Cow in Italian Slaughterhous...
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