Fast Food Nation

During the writing of this book my family was often

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Unformatted text preview: : See John Vidal and Peter Hethrington, “Foot-and-Mouth Crisis: Food Lobby Forced PM into U-Turn on Plan for Vaccination,” Guardian, September 8, 2001. supplied the milk for McDonald’s milkshakes: Cited in Amanda Hall, “Whole-meal Haskins: Chris Haskins, Maverick of Northern Foods and Express Dairies, Mixes a Healthy Serving of Politics with His Business,” Sunday Telegraph, June 14,1998. 289 20 percent of its farmland: Cited in Paul Geitner, “Scare Helps Europe’s Organic Food,” AP Online, March 19, 2001. “Things will no longer be”: Quoted in Michael Adler, “Greens Trumpet Their New Star, Agriculture Minister Kuenast,” Agence France Presse, March 11, 2001. “Our Cows should get only water”: Quoted in “Germany Plans Radical Farm Reform — Food Must Be As Pure As Beer, Says Government,” Deutsche Presse-Agentur, February 8, 2001. bibliography Acree, Terry E., and Roy Teranishi, eds. F lavor Science: Sensible Principles and Techniques. Washington, D.C.: American Chemical Society, 1993. Acuff, Dan S., with Robert H. R...
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