Fast Food Nation

Each of their stories was different yet somehow

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Unformatted text preview: plant. He claims that IBP had never before shut down a slaughterhouse purely for safety reasons and that Robert L. Peterson was enraged by the decision. IBP disputes this version of events, contending that Ferrell had never fit into IBP’s corporate culture, that he delegated too much authority, and that he had not, in fact, made the decision to shut down the Palestine plant. According to IBP, the decision to shut it was made after a unanimous vote by its top executives. IBP’s Palestine slaughterhouse reopened in January of 1997. It was shut down again a year later —this time by the USDA. Federal inspectors cited the plant for “inhumane slaughter” and halted production there for one week, an extremely rare penalty imposed for the mistreatment of cattle. In 1999 IBP closed the plant. As of this writing, it sits empty, awaiting a buyer. the value of an arm WHEN I FIRST VISITED Greeley in 1997, Javier Ramirez was president of the UFCW, Local 990, the union representing employees at the M...
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