Fast Food Nation

Eating a cow for a hindu quoted in laurie goodstein

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Unformatted text preview: (Boulder, Colo.: Pruett Publishing, 1988), by Ruth Carol Cushman and Stephan R. Jones, conveys through text and photographs the beauty of an American landscape that is largely unappreciated. I am grateful to the Conway family, who allowed me to poke around their restaurants and hang out in the kitchens. The last hamburger I ate was served at the Conway’s Red Top on South Nevada in Colorado Springs. It was as good as it gets. Page 255 “Nature is smart as hell”: Interview with Dale Lasater. 257 Recent findings that grass-fed cattle: See Francisco Diez Gonzalez, Todd R. Callaway, Menas G. Kizoulis, and James B. Russell, “Grain Feeding and the Dissemination of Acid-Resistant Escherichia coli from Cattle,” Science, September 11, 1998. 259 one of America’s most profitable fast food chains: It is difficult to gauge In-N-Out’s financial details because the company is privately owned. Nevertheless, a decade ago the financial analyst Robert L. Emerson speculated that “In-N-Out enjoys the highest level of return on inv...
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