Fast Food Nation

Every day that poultry houses sit empty the grower

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Unformatted text preview: kansas, Georgia, and Mississippi now produce more than half the chicken raised in the United States. Although many factors helped revolutionize the poultry industry and increase the power of the large processors, one innovation played an especially important role. The Chicken McNugget turned a bird that once had to be carved at a table into something that could easily be eaten behind the wheel of a car. It turned a bulk agricultural commodity into a manufactured, value-added product. And it encouraged a system of production that has turned many chicken farmers into little more than serfs. “I have an idea,” Fred Turner, the chairman of McDonald’s, told one of his suppliers in 1979. “I want a chicken finger-food without bones, about the size of your thumb. Can you do it?” The supplier, an executive at Keystone Foods, ordered a group of technicians to get to work in the lab, where they were soon joined by food scientists from Mc-Donald’s. Poultry consumption in the United States was growing, a trend...
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