Fast Food Nation

Greeley became a company town dominated by the

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Unformatted text preview: a white horse, tags along with real cowboys, stares down a herd of cattle in a corral. You can see in these pictures why Hank was chosen for the part. His face is lively and expressive; he can ride; he can lasso; and he looks game, willing to jump a fence or chase after a steer ten times his size. The boy in the story starts out afraid of animals on the ranch, but in the end conquers his fear of cattle, snakes, and coyotes. There’s a happy ending, and the final image echoes the last scene of a classic Hollywood Western, affirming the spirit of freedom and independence. Accompanied by an older cowhand and surrounded by a herd of cattle, young Hank rides his white horse across a vast, wide-open prairie, heading toward the horizon. In life he did not get that sort of ending. He was buried at his ranch, in a simple wooden coffin made by friends. 7/cogs in the great machine YOU CAN manure,reeley,dead animalslong before you can see is to forget but not easy to describe, ablanketing Greeley day and SMELL G Color...
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