Fast Food Nation

Harvey levensteins paradox of plenty a social history

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Unformatted text preview: managers. See Leidner, Fast Food, Fast Talk, p. 50–54. 74 an average of thirty hours a week: Cited in Robert W. Van Giezen, “Occupational Wages in the Fast-Food Restaurant Industry,” Monthly Labor Review, August 1994. earn about $23,000 a year: Cited in Liddle, “Demand Fuels Salary, Bonus Surge.” training in “transactional analysis”: See Boas and Chain, Big Mac, pp. 91–93; Ben Wildavsky, “McJobs: Inside America’s Largest Youth Training Program,” Policy Review, Summer 1989. 75 forced to clean restaurants… compensated with food: See Gillian Flynn, “Pizza As Pay? Compensation Gets Too Creative,” Workforce, August 1998. As many as 16,000 current and former employees… a high school dropout named Regina Jones: See E. Scott Reckard, “Jury: Taco Bell Short-changed Its Employees,” Los Angeles Times, April 9, 1997; Steve Miletich, “Taco Bell Is Found Guilty of Worker Abuses,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 9, 1997; Stephanie Armour, “One Woman’s Story: More and M...
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