Fast Food Nation

He donates money to local charities and gives

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Unformatted text preview: ongress, Ireland had criticized franchisees who sought legal reforms, calling them “whiny butts” who came running to the government instead of taking responsibility for their own business mistakes. After congressional hearings were held on Coble’s bill in 1999, the IFA claimed in a press release that federal regulation of franchising would interfere with “free enterprise contract negotiations” and seriously harm one of the most vital and dynamic sectors of the American economy. “Small businesses and franchising succeed by relying on marketplace solutions,” said Don DeBolt, the president of the IFA. Despite its public opposition to any government interference with the workings of the free market, the IFA has long supported programs that enable fast food chains to expand using government-backed loans. For more than three decades the fast food industry has used the Small Business Administration (SBA) to finance new restaurants — thereby turning a federal agency that was created to help independent, small businesses into one that eliminates them. A 1981 stu...
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