Fast Food Nation

He makes 650 an hour he enjoys making pizza the ovens

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Unformatted text preview: and Steak and Ale, the current owner of Chili’s, a major donor to the Republican Party — spoke to the conference in language that was simple, direct, and free of platitudes. “I see the possibility of unions,” he warned. The thought “chilled” him. He asked everyone in the audience to give more money to the industry’s key lobbying groups. “And [Senator] Kennedy’s pushing hard on a $7.25 minimum wage,” he continued. “That’ll be fun, won’t it? I love the idea of that. I sure do — strike me dead!” As the crowd laughed and roared and applauded Brinker’s call to arms against unions and the government, the talk about teamwork fell into the proper perspective. 4/success MATTHEW KABONG glides hisCaesars pizzas and athroughCrazystreets ofsitPueblo, back seat. “Welcomelooking for a trailersays, reaching down, ’83 Buick LeSabre the Colorado, at night, park called Meadowbrook. Two Little bag of Bread in the to my office,” he turning up the radio, playing some mellow rhythm and blues. Kabong was born in Nigeria and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He studies electrical engineering at a local college...
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