Fast Food Nation

He set a high standard in seriousness of purpose and

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Unformatted text preview: Firm on Safety of U.S. Feed,” Post Crescent, May 20, 2001. a cattle herd roughly one-thirtieth the size: Belgium has about 3 million cattle; the United States has about 100 million. See Terry Downs, “Mad Cow Disease Testing Reveals Widespread Infection in Europe,” Food Chemical News, January 22, 2001. leading American manufacturers promise: See Tim Phillips, “Are Pets Being Reccled into Pet Food?” Petfood Industry, March/Aril 1992. 40,000 pounds of dead dogs and dead cats: Cited in Patrick White, “Canada Pet Food Firm Turns Back on Dog and Cat Meat,” Reuters, June 5, 2001. “This food is healthy and good”: Quoted in ibid. 288 the most common source of animal protein in poultry feed: See Daniel Rosenberg, “Mad Cow Disease Concern Could Change Chicken Feed’, Wisconsin State Journal, May 5, 2001. processes about 10 million pounds of chicken parts: Cited in “Multi-million Dollar Facility to Help Tyson Ensure That Nothing Goes to Waste’” M2 Presswire, June 7, 1996. the export needs of Nestl...
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