Fast Food Nation

He traveled the idaho countryside plugging the

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Unformatted text preview: ld, even tone. “None of it matters.” His words cut through all the snake oil of the last few hours, calmly and with great precision. Everybody in the arena, no matter how greedy or eager for promotion, all eighteen thousand of them, know deep in their hearts that what Reeve has just said is true — too true. Their latest schemes, their plans to market and subdivide and franchise their way up, whatever the cost, the whole spirit now gripping Colorado, vanish in an instant. Men and women up and down the aisles wipe away tears, touched not only by what this famous man has been through but also by a sudden awareness of something hollow about their own lives, something gnawing and unfulfilled. Moments after Reeve is wheeled off the stage, Jack Groppel, the next speaker, walks up to the microphone and starts his pitch, “Tell me friends, in your lifetime, have you ever been on a diet?” II / meat and potatoes II / meat and potatoes 5/ why the fries taste good TO half dozenJ.shopsIMPLOTMain Street. Then turn rightyouthe Tiger Hut, an old hamburger standpopulation 2,000, andhigh school team, cr...
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