Fast Food Nation

Hoiles was politically conservative see james s

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Unformatted text preview: ; Marketing, Fall 1997 one-quarter of American children: Cited in Lisa Jennings, “Baby, Hand Me the Remote,” Scripps Howard News Service, October 13, 1999. 47 annually spend about $3 billion on television: Interview with Lynn Fava, Competitive Media Reporting. 47 now operates more than eight thousand playgrounds… Burger King has more than two thousand: Cited in “Fast Food and Playgrounds: A Natural Combination,” promotional material, Playlandservices, Inc. “Playlands bring in children”: Ibid. about 90 percent of American children: Cited in Rod Taylor, “The Beanie Factor,” Brandweek, June 16, 1997. “But when it gets down to brass tacks”: Sam Bradley and Betsey Spethmann, “Subway’s Kid Pack: The Ties That Sell,” Brandweek, October 10, 1994. According to a publication called Tomart’s: Meredith Williams, Tomart’s Price Guide to McDonald’s Happy Meal Collectibles (Dayton, Ohio: Tomart Publications, 1995). one of the most successful promotions: The story of McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Baby promotion can be found in Taylor, “The Beanie Factor.” 48 “We see this as a great opportunity”: Quoted in “McDo...
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