Fast Food Nation

I also relied on transcripts of two public forums

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Unformatted text preview: ntributions”; Eric Ravussian and Elliot Danforth, Jr., “Human Physiology: Beyond Sloth — Physical Activity and Weight Gain,” Science, January 8, 1999. 241 p er capita consumption of carbonated soft drinks: Cited in Jacobson, “Liquid Candy.” During the late 1950s the typical soft drink order: Cited in Judy Putnam, “U.S. Food Supply Providing More Food and Calories,” U SDA Food Review, October 1, 1999. more fat than ten of the chain’s milk shakes: See “Nutritional Information,” CKE Restaurants. “Consumers savor the flavor”: Kate MacArthur, “Fast Feeders Find Sizzle by Bringing on the Bacon,” Advertising Age, March 27, 2000. See also Michael Pearson, “Lower Production, Higher Demand for Fast Food Bacon Restores Profitability to Hog Farming,” AP, April 20, 2000. A decade ago, restaurants sold about 20 percent: Ibid. second only to smoking: See Koplon and Dietz, “Caloric Imbalance.” about 280,000 Americans die every year: Cited in Joyce Howard Price, “Fat Chance: The Go...
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