Fast Food Nation

I am grateful to ms andreas for discussing her work

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Unformatted text preview: d in Andrew Bary, “Take a Whiff: Why International Flavors & Fragrances Looks Tempting Right Now,” Barron’s, July 20, 1998. 125 Its annual revenues have grown almost fifteenfold: IFF’s sales were about $103 million in 1970 and about $1.4 billion in 1999. The first figure comes from “Company History,” IFF Advertising and Public Relations. The second is cited in Catherine Curan, “Perfume Company Banks on CEO’s Nose for Business,” Crain’s NY Business, June 26, 2000. the dominant flavor of bell pepper: The chemical is isobutylmethoxy pyrazine. Its minute taste recognition threshold is noted in “Flavor Chemistry Seminar,” International Flavors & Fragrances. The flavor in a twelve-ounce can of Coke: An industry source, who shall go unnamed, provided me with the cost of the flavor in a sixpack of Coke, and I did the rest of the math. A typical artificial strawberry flavor: This recipe comes from Fenaroli’s Handbook of Flavor Ingredients, vol. 2, p. 831. 127 “A natural flavor”: Interview with Terry Acree. “consumer likeability”: Quoted in “What Is Flavor? An IFF Consumer Insights Perspective.”...
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