Fast Food Nation

I think they genuinely believed in the issues they

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Unformatted text preview: staurant, and handed out free hamburgers to the crowd. Fearing more violence, McDonald’s temporarily closed all fifty of its London restaurants. In France, a French sheep farmer and political activist named Jose Bove led a group that demolished a McDonald’s under construction in his hometown of Millau. Bove’s defiant attitude, brief imprisonment, and impassioned speeches against “lousy food” have made him a hero in France, praised by sots and conservatives, invited to meetings with the president and the prime minister. He has written a French bestseller entitled The World Is Not for Sale — And Nor Am I! In a society where food is a source of tremendous national pride, the McDonald’s Corporation has become an easy target, for reasons that are not entirely symbolic. McDonald’s is now the largest purchaser of agricultural commodities in France. Bove’s message — that Frenchmen should not become “servile slaves at the service of agribusiness”— has struck a chord. During July of 2000 an estimated thirty thousand demonstrators gathered in...
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