Fast Food Nation

If mcdonalds is requiring something quoted in philip

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Unformatted text preview: idney Nicholson, McDonald’s, McDonald’s Restaurants, Ltd., v Helen Steel, David Morris, Day 249, May 14, 1996, pp. 32–38. “At no time did I believe they were dangerous”: Quoted in “Interview: McDonald’s Spy Fran Tiller on Infiltration and Subterfuge, Big Mac Style,” 248 For Dave Morris, perhaps the most disturbing moment: Interview with Dave Morris. 249 some of the similarities between Dave Morris and Ray Kroc: See Vidal, McLibel, pp 58–62. “Fitting into a finely working machine”: Quoted in Nick Hasell, “McDonald’s Long March,” Management Today, September 1994. 250 Plauen has lost about 10 percent of its population: Interview with Markus Schneider. 251 Plauen’s unemployment rate is about 20 percent: Ibid. “It was dumb luck”: Quoted in Roger Thurow, “For East German Pair, McDonald’s Serves Up an Economic Parable,” Wall Street Journal, November 8, 1999. a third of the young people in eastern Germany: Cited in Leonard Ziskin, “Fa and Antifa in the Fatherland,” Nation, Octo...
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