Fast Food Nation

If pigs or poultry were to be found silently carrying

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Unformatted text preview: s foremost experts on animal welfare and proper livestock handling — to devise an auditing system for the slaughterhouses that provide the chain’s beef and pork. According to Grandin, McDonald’s threat to stop purchasing meat from companies that mistreat animals changed many of the industry’s practices within a year. Although McDonald’s auditors are employed by the same companies that manufacture its hamburger patties, Grandin says they seem genuinely committed to the new policy, making unannounced visits to slaughterhouses and observing whether animals are properly handled and stunned. When advocated by animal rights groups, such an inspection program had gone nowhere; demanded by McDonald’s, it received the enthusiastic support of the meatpacking industry and the American Meat Institute. Having shown a strong commitment to the ethical treatment of animals, the McDonald’s Corporation should now demonstrate the same level of concern for the ethical treatment of the human beings who work in the nation’s slaughterhouses. After the publication of Fast Food Nation, the photographer Eu...
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