Fast Food Nation

If we eat mcdonalds hamburgers and potatoes quoted in

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Unformatted text preview: 1990. 207 the accuracy of that study was thrown into doubt: On April 30, 1992, the ABC News show PrimeTime Live broadcast an investigation of the Streamlined Inspection System for Cattle. ABC had obtained corporate documents showing that some USDA visits were known in advance. The show also included footage of meat covered in feces being processed at the Monfort plant in Greeley. For more on conditions at the Greeley plant, see Kelly Richmond, “Unhappy Meals: Colorado Meat Plant Blasted for Disease and Filth,” States New Service, June 11, 1992. For more on the lapses of the SIS-C and the lack of surprise during USDA visits, see Guy Gugliotta, “USDA Is Sued: Where’s the Beef Report? Public Interest Group Charges System Lets Dirtier, More Dangerous Meat Reach Consumers,” Washington Post, July 10, 1990. some of the meat used by Jack in the Box: See Terry McDermott, “The Jack in the Box Poisonings — Why Inspection of Meat Fails,” Seattle Times, January 31, 1993; Frank Green, “Foodmaker, Suppliers Settle E. coli Claims,” San Diego...
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