Fast Food Nation

In addition to letting meatpacking executives

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Unformatted text preview: urant association. The meatpacking industry is not fond of him, either. Theno says that the industry’s longstanding resistance to microbial testing is a form of denial. “If you don’t know about a problem,” he explained, “then you don’t have to deal with it.” He thinks that the problem of E. coli 0157:H7 contamination in ground beef can be solved. He has an optimistic faith in the power of science and reason. “If you put in a score-keeping system and profile these meatpacking companies,” Theno says, “you can fix this problem. You can actually fix this problem in six months… This is a matter of will, not technology.” Despite the meatpacking industry’s claims, the solution need not be enormously expensive. The entire Jack in the Box food safety program raises the cost of the chain’s ground beef by about one penny per pound. a lack of recall THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION ’S EFFORTS to implement a tough, science-based food inspection system received an enormous setback when the Republican Party gained control of...
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