Fast Food Nation

Increasing the federal minimum wage by a dollar

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Unformatted text preview: duct”: Quoted in Consumers Union, “Captive Kids.” eight million of the nations middle, junior, and high school: Cited in “Prepared Testimony of Ralph Nader before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions,” Federal New Service, May 20, 1999. At least twenty school districts: Cited in Diane Brockett, “School Cafeterias Selling Brand-Name Junk Food,” Education Digest, October 1, 1998. The American School Food Service Association estimates: Cited in Dan Morse, “School Cafeterias are Enrolling as Fast-Food Franchisees,” Wall Street Journal, July 28, 1998. “We try to be more like the fast food places”: Quoted in Janet Bingham, “Corporate Curriculum: And Now a Word, Lesson, Lunch, from a Sponsor,” Denver Post, February 22, 1998. 57 The Coca-Cola deal that DD Marketing negotiated: For the story of District 11’s shortfall, see Cara DeGette, “The Real Thing: Corporate Welfare Comes to the Classroom,” Colorado Springs Independent, November 25-December 1, 1998. 3. Behind the Counter For the history o...
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