Fast Food Nation

Inside theres a long bar and the walls are decorated

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Unformatted text preview: different detective agencies. They participated in demonstrations against McDonald’s and gave out anti-McDonald’s leaflets. During the trial, Sidney Nicholson — the McDonald’s vice president who’d supervised the undercover operation, a former police officer in South Africa and former superintendent in London’s Metropolitan Police — admitted in court that McDonald’s had used its law enforcement connections to obtain information on Steel and Morris from Scotland Yard. Indeed, it was officers belonging to Special Branch, an elite British unit that tracks “subversives” and organized crime figures, who informed McDonald’s of the pair’s identity. One of the company’s undercover agents later had a change of heart and testified on behalf of the McLibel defendants. “At no time did I believe they were dangerous people,” said Fran Tiller, following her conversion to vegetarianism. “I think they genuinely believed in the issues they were supporting.” For Dave Morris, perhaps...
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