Fast Food Nation

It occurred on march 1 1999 at the mirage hotel in

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Unformatted text preview: McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in India, the company began to establish a supply network there, teaching Indian farmers how to grow iceburg lettuce with seeds specially developed for the nation’s climate. “A McDonald’s restaurant is just the window of a much larger system comprising an extensive food-chain, running right up to the farms,” one of the company’s Indian partners told a foreign journalist. In 1987, ConAgra took over Australia Meat Holdings, the largest beef company in the country that exports more beef than any other in the world. Over the past decade, Cargill and IBP have gained control of the beef industry in Canada. Cargill has established large-scale poultry operations in China and Thailand. Tyson Foods is planning to build chicken-processing plants in China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. ConAgra’s Lamb Weston division now manufactures frozen french fries in Holland, India, and Turkey. McCain, the world’s biggest french fry producer, operates fifty processing plants scattered across four continents. In order to supply McDonald’s, J. R. Simplot began to grow Russet Burbank potatoes in China, opening that nation’s first french fry factory in 1993. A f...
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