Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: . All the crew members were fired, the restaurant was shut down, a new McDonald’s was built down the block — and the workers who’d signed union cards were not rehired. Such tactics have proven remarkably successful. As of this writing, none of the workers at the roughly fifteen thousand McDonald’s in North America is represented by a union. protecting youth ALMOST EVERY FAST FOOD restaurant in Colorado Springs has a banner or sign that says “Now Hiring.” The fast food chains have become victims of their own success, as one business after another tries to poach their teenage workers. Teenagers now sit behind the front desk at hotels, make calls for telemarketers, sell running shoes at the mall. The low unemployment rate in Colorado Springs has made the task of finding inexpensive workers even more difficult. Meanwhile, the competition among fast food restaurants has increased. Chains that have competed in the city for years keep opening new outlets, while others are entering the market for the...
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