Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: American adults… among American children: See Gary Taubes, “Demographics: As Obesity Rates Rise, Experts Struggle to Explain Why,” Science, May 29, 1998. “We’ve got the fattest, least fit”: Quoted in Maggie Fox, “U.S.: Obesity Will Be Hard to Treat, Experts Say,” AAP Newsfeed, May 29, 1998. about 44 million American adults are obese… 6 million are “super-obese”: The adult population of the United States is about 200 million. Twenty-two percent of the nation’s adults are obese and 3 percent are super-obese. See Jeffrey P. Koplon and William H. Dietz, “Caloric Imbalance and Public Health Policy,” Journal of the American Medical Society, October 27, 1999; “Resident Population Projections, by Age and Sex,” Statistical Abstract, p. 17. A recent study: Ali H. Mokdad, Mary K. Serdula, William H. Dietz, Barbara A. Bowman, James S. Marks, Jeffrey P. Koplon, “The Spread of the Obesity Epidemic in the United States, 1991–1998,” Journal of the American Medical Association, October 27, 1999. when people eat more and move less: See Hill and Peters, “Environmental Co...
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