Fast Food Nation

Its not just getting kids to whine quoted in market

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Unformatted text preview: ted in McWilliams, Southern California, p. 14. About 80 percent of the population: Cited ibid., p. 165. 16 about a million cars in Los Angeles: Cited ibid., p. 236. Lobbyists from the oil, tire, and automobile industries: See Jackson, Crabgrass Frontier, pp. 163–68. General Motors secretly began to purchase: For the story of the American trolley’s demise, see Kwitny, “The Great Transportation Conspiracy”; Jackson, Crabgrass Frontier, pp. 168–71; and Goddard, Getting There, pp. 120–37. For a contrary view, much more benign toward General Motors, see Martha J. Bianco, “Technological Innovation and the Rise and Fall of Urban Mass Transit,” Journal of Urban History, March 1999. 17 “People with cars are so lazy”: Quoted in Witzel, American Drive-In, p. 24. “circular meccas of neon”: Ibid., p. 47. 18 “fabulous boom”: McWilliams, The Great Exception, p. 233. federal government spent nearly $20 billion… federal spending was responsible for nearly half: Cited in White, Your Misfortune, p. 498. the second-largest manufacturing center: Ibid., p. 498. the focus of the local e...
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