Fast Food Nation

Ive never seen so many so young feel this way

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Unformatted text preview: often work as golf caddies or swimming pool lifeguards. The girls often work as babysitters at the Broadmoor. When Cheyenne Mountain kids work during the school year, they tend to find jobs at the mall, the girls employed at clothing stores like the Gap or the Limited, the boys at sporting goods stores like the Athlete’s Foot. These jobs provide discounts on merchandise and a chance to visit with school friends who are out shopping. The pay of a job is often less important than its social status. Working as a hostess at an upscale chain restaurant like Carriba’s, T.G.I. Friday’s, or the Outback Steakhouse is considered a desirable job, even if it pays minimum wage. Working at a fast food restaurant is considered bottom of the heap. Jane Trogdon is head of the guidance department at Harrison High School in Colorado Springs. Harrison has the reputation of being a “rough” school, a “gang” school. The rap is not entirely deserved; it may have stuck because Harrison is where many of the city’s poo...
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