Fast Food Nation

John crabtree at the center for rural affairs in walt

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Unformatted text preview: are not seeking to penalize anyone”: Testimony of Howard Coble to the Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law, House Judiciary Committee, June 29,1999. “whiny butts”: For this quote and Ireland’s views on franchise reform, see Kirk Victor, “Franchising Fracas,” National Journal, September 26, 1992; Deirdre Shesgreen, “Franchisees Seek Protection on Hill,” Legal Times, January 4, 1999. “free enterprise contract negotiations”: Quoted in “Small Business Franchise Partnerships Feared Endangered if Federal Government Muscles In,” PR Newswire, July 1, 1999. “Small businesses and franchising succeed”: Quoted ibid. 102 A 1981 study by the General Accounting Office: For the GAO study and the congressional investigation that prompted it, see Luxenberg, Roadside Empires, pp. 256–59. The chain was “experimenting”: Quoted ibid., p. 258. a recent study by the Heritage Foundation: See Scott A. Hodge, “For Big Franchisers, Money to Go: Is the SBA Dispensing Corporate Welfare?” Washington Post, No...
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