Fast Food Nation

L collins and paul mcmasters veggie libel laws still

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Unformatted text preview: y in Marketing to Kids Globally,” Selling to Kids, April 1, 1998. “If we eat McDonald’s hamburgers and potatoes”: Quoted in Vidal, McLibel, p. 42. In addition to being the McDonald’s Corporation’s partner in Japan, Den Fujita is the author of best-selling books such as Stupid People Lose Money, How to Become Number One in Business, and How to Blow the Rich Man’s Bugle Like the Jews Do. See James Sterngold, “Den Fujita, Japan’s Mr. Joint Venture,” New York Times, March 22, 1992. 232 “For a child growing up in the turmoil”: Christa Maerker, “The Federal Republic of Germany: Second-hand Culture with Borrowed Dreams,” Schatzkammer, Spring 1990. Americans with German ancestors: Cited in Tim Bovee, “German-Americans Largest U.S. Ethnic Group,” AP, December 16, 1992. less than one-third of the German foodservice market: Cited in Rupert Spies and Gretel Weiss, “Is Germany’s Traditional Restaurant a Dying Breed?” Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly, June 1998....
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