Fast Food Nation

Laura strickland may 51993 the fast food industry did

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Unformatted text preview: ested capital in the fast-food industry.” See Emerson, Economics of Fast Food, p. 94. 259 generating more than $150 million in annual revenues: The estimate of $150 milion comes from a recent Los Angeles Times article on the chain and its future after Esther Snyder. The actual figure may be as much as two times higher; in 1990 Emerson claimed that individual In-N-Out restaurants had annual revenues of $1.7 million. See Greg Hernandez, “Family-Owned In-N-Out at Crossroads,” Los Angeles Times, July 2, 2000; Emerson, Economics of Fast Food, p. 93. The starting wage of a part-time worker: Representatives of In-N-Out declined my requests for an interview, citing the Snyder family’s wariness of the press. The information on the chain’s wages and food preparation techniques come from the In-N-Out Web site and from the following articles: Greg Johnson, “More Than Fare: A Simple Menu, Customer Service, and a Familial Touch Prove to Be a Recipe That Is Working for In-N-Out,” Los Angeles Times, August 15, 1997; Deborah Silver, “Burger Worship: In-N-Out — the Small Fast Food Chain with the Big Following,” Restaurants and Institutions, November 1, 1999; Hern...
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