Fast Food Nation

Life as i have known it has been finger lickin good

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Unformatted text preview: are not open to public scrutiny; and the names of companies that fail an inspection are not disclosed. For the AMI’s resistance to greater USDA involvement in humane slaughter, see “Panel Gives Agriculture Dept. $2.5 Million,” AP Online, July 17, 2001. I visited meatpacking communities in Texas: Our photoessay, “The Most Dangerous Job in America,” appeared in Mother Jones, July/August 2001. 283 forever surrendering the right to sue: See Tad Fowler, “In the Matter of Michael Glover vs. IBP, Inc. Workplace Injury Settlement Program, Judgement in Arbitration,” p. 3. The ability of workers to sign away their common law rights has been upheld by the Texas Supreme Court, which has given precedence to the sanctity of contracts. See Supreme Court of Texas, Lawrence v. CDB Services, Lambert v. Affiliated Foods, Inc., Nos. 00–0142, 00–0201, March 29, 2001. control over the job-related medical treatment: See “Workplace Injury Settlement Program — Texas,” IBP, p. 7. The Texas S...
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