Fast Food Nation

Mcdonalds dont deserve a penny quoted ibid 248 during

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Unformatted text preview: 45 (Plauen: Vogtländischer Heimatverlag Neupert, 1995) is an oversized book, full of photographs, that traces the effects of the Great Depression and the rise of the Nazi Party. The Allied bombing of the city is vividly documented through before-and-after photographs in Plauen 1944/1945: Eine Stadt wird zerstört (Plauen: Vogtländischer Heimatverlag Neupert, 1995), by Rudolf Laser, Joachim Mensdorf, and Johannes Richter. For life near the East German border, I relied on Ingolf Hermann’s Die Deutsch-Deutsch Grenze (Plauen: Vogtländischer Heimatverlag Neupert, 1998). Plauen’s 1989 uprising is chronicled in Rolf Schwanitz’s Zivilcourage: Die friedliche Revolution in Plauen anhand von Stasi-Akten (Plauen, Vogtländischer Heimatverlag Neupert, 1998). Plauen: Ein Rundgang Durch die Stadt (Plauen: Militzke Verlag, 1992) gives a sense of the city after the Wall came down. John Connelly, an assistant professor of history at the University of California, Berkeley, is one of the few American...
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