Fast Food Nation

Mike harper personally stood to gain cited in capital

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Unformatted text preview: Tribune, May 9,1999. Annual beef consumption in the United States: See Chris Bastian and Glen Whipple, “Trends in Supply and Demand of Beef,” Western Beef Producer, October 1997. A pound of chicken costs: Cited in Industry and Trade Summary: Poultry, p. 19. “alternative methods for selling fed cattle”: Quoted in Alan Guebert, “Chew on This: USDA, Congress, Take on Meatpackers with Little Success,” Pantagraph, June 7, 1998. 143 Three of Archer Daniels Midland’s top officials: For the prison terms, see Sharon Walsh, “Three Former Officials at ADM Get Jail Terms,” Washington Post, July 10, 1999. For the cost to farmers, see Sharon Walsh, “ADM Officials Found Guilty of Price Fixing,” Washington Post, September 18, 1998. For a detailed account of the conspiracy, see Angela Wissman, “ADM Execs Nailed on Price-Fixing, May Do Time, Government Gets Watershed Convictions, But Company Still Dominates Lysine Market,” Illinois Legal Times, October 1998. 143 “We have a saying at this company”: Quoted in Kurt E...
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