Fast Food Nation

Mikhail gorbachev was in town to speak at the twenty

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Unformatted text preview: th the declining popularity of schnitzel. McDonald’s Deutschland, Inc., is by far the biggest restaurant company in Germany today, more than twice as large as the nearest competitor. It opened the first German McDonald’s in 1971; at the beginning of the 1990s it had four hundred restaurants, and now it has more than a thousand. The company’s main dish happens to be named after Hamburg, a German city where ground-beef steaks were popular in the early nineteenth century. The hamburger was born when Americans added the bun. Mc-Donald’s Deutschland uses German potatoes for its fries and Bavarian dairy cows for its burgers. It sends Ronald McDonald into hospitals and schools. It puts new McDonald’s restaurants in gas stations, railway stations, and airports. It battles labor unions and — according to Siegfried Pater, author of Zum Beispiel McDonald’s — has repeatedly fired union sympathizers. The success of McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and T.G.I. Fridays in Germany has helped spark a franchising bo...
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