Fast Food Nation

Moreover a british ban on the feeding of ruminants

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Unformatted text preview: oups can be used to help workers much closer to home — workers in the slaughterhouses and processing plants of the High Plains. As the nation’s largest purchaser of beef, the McDonald’s Corporation must be held accountable for the behavior of its suppliers. When McDonald’s demanded ground beef free of lethal pathogens, the five companies that manufacture its hamburger patties increased their investment in new equipment and microbial testing. If McDonald’s were to demand higher wages and safer working conditions for meatpacking workers, its suppliers would provide them. As the nation’s largest purchaser of potatoes, McDonald’s could also use its clout on behalf of Idaho farmers. And as the second-largest purchaser of chicken, McDonald’s could demand changes in the way poultry growers are compensated by their processors. Small increases in the cost of beef, chicken, and potatoes would raise fast food menu prices by a few pennies, if at all. The fast food chains insist that suppliers follow strict specifications regarding the sugar content, fat content, size, shape, taste, and texture of their products. The chains could just as easily enforce a strict code of conduct governing the treatment...
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