Fast Food Nation

Morgan firm faces 350000 in osha fines ap may 4 1999

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Unformatted text preview: -cent “commission”: The arrangement, technically, was a fifty-cent commission for every hundred pounds. Ibid., p. 301. 155 “knew virtually nothing about the meat business”: Quoted ibid., p. 375. investigations by Forbes and the Wall Street Journal: Jonathan Kwitny, the Journal reporter, and James Cook and Jane Carmichael, writing for Forbes, drew somewhat different conclusions about the meaning of the IBP case. Kwitny was outraged, arguing that it was as though “the Mafia had moved into… the oil industry, bringing Exxon to its knees.” Cook and Carmichael were more detached and pragmatic. “The ordeal of Iowa Beef Processors shows as clearly as anything can,” they wrote, “how legitimate business can become linked with organized crime, to their mutual benefit.” Kwitny, Vicious Circles, p. 252; Cook and Carmichael, “Mob’s Legitimate Connections.” wages that were sometimes more than 50 percent lower: While Swift and Armour were paying $17 to $18 an hour, IBP was paying just $8. See Winston Williams, “An Upheaval in Meatpacking,” New York Time...
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