Fast Food Nation

Nevertheless the british government denied for six

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Unformatted text preview: ineered corn not approved for human consumption — no doubt also hurt the brand. Taco Bell’s problems, however, extend far beyond passing fears of tainted tacos. “We are not doing a great job in terms of quality, in terms of speed, in terms of cleanliness in the store,” Emil Brolick, the chain’s new president, confessed. The speed at which Taco Bell’s financial health deteriorated, with relatively minor sales declines threatening widespread restaurant closures, shows how vulnerable the world’s largest fast food chains have become. A 2 percent decline in sales is enough to send their stock prices spiralling downward. The glory days of the major chains seem to be over. Smaller, regional restaurant companies are the ones now enjoying rapid growth in the United States, as many larger ones lose customers. Although the McDonald’s Corporation continues to hunt for promising new American locations (a McDonald’s recently opened at the Brentwood Baptist Church in Houston), the chain’s problems increasingly resemble those of the...
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